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The fashion for minimalism came into being not today, and not even in the 60s, when
Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy got to like it.

The ethnic roots of the style are to be sought in the eastern philosophy of Japan, which
focuses on asceticism and nomadic lifestyle, devoid of “materialism”.

Minimalism in clothes appeared in Europe much later – in the 10s of the last century.
At that time, the social role of women was changing rapidly: they wanted to study,
work, move freely without any help. The outfits of that era did not at all correspond to
girls’ mood, therefore, the usual number of details of female costumes began to

One of the first admirers of minimalism was famous Coco Chanel. She removed the
extra details from her clothes that hindered movements and replaced an
uncomfortable skirt with men’s pants.

The result of her love for simplicity and comfort was the famous little black dress: the
one that no woman of fashion can be without now.

Today, this style has conquered millions, because it is the absence of extra details
that allows you to concentrate on the main thing – the individual himself/herself.


Therefore, when creating the collection of the same name, the designers of the
fashion house Unona were inspired by the uniqueness of our brides.

Each dress from the new collection is thought out to the last detail: perfect fit, pure
lines, lack of garish and bold details. All this is done so that the girl can remain true
to herself while wearing dresses from JADE and Unona.

Now the bride does not need to look for a compromise between beauty and comfort:
she will find such a combination in the collection “Minimalism”.

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