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Inessa Semchenkova, founder of UNONA and JADE brands

Let’s get acquainted! 

My name is Inessa Semchenkova and I am the founder of UNONA and JADE
brands. I have been in the wedding business for more than 25 years! From now on, I
will be more than happy to write this blog on our unique website I will
share my experience, tell interesting stories and legends, introduce the most current
trends in wedding and evening fashion! and, of course, the novelties of our
collections, which are the sweetest ones!!! 

As it should be at the beginning of acquaintance, I would like to tell you a little about

The place of foundation is Minsk, Belarus. The date of foundation is July 14, 1994. It
was then that the first bridal salon opened in Minsk, and it was the salon UNONA!!!!
It is now difficult, almost impossible to imagine that there was not a single wedding
salon in the capital, but that was true… You could only buy a dress on the market,
and even then it was not your dream dress! Or you could go to the dressmaker’s, but
it was extremely hard to find a suitable fabric! There was also a bridal shop, but you
could not find any wedding dresses there; the maximum you could buy was shoes
and a suit for the groom!!!

By contrast, the salon Unona had many gowns and even made it possible to sew a
dress to order.

Dear Unona brides, if you bought or sewed a wedding dress in our salon in those
years, we would be very happy if you could share with us your photos and, of
course, emotions that fortunately do not have a statute of limitations!

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